Linate Airport Flights to and from Italy

Rome Fiumicino Flights To FCO  |  Flights From FCO
191 weekly flights
Catania Flights To CTA  |  Flights From CTA
132 weekly flights
Olbia Flights To OLB  |  Flights From OLB
116 weekly flights
Alghero Flights To AHO  |  Flights From AHO
108 weekly flights
Cagliari Flights To CAG  |  Flights From CAG
98 weekly flights
Palermo Flights To PMO  |  Flights From PMO
98 weekly flights
Bari Flights To BRI  |  Flights From BRI
94 weekly flights
Naples Capodichino Flights To NAP  |  Flights From NAP
83 weekly flights
Brindisi Flights To BDS  |  Flights From BDS
42 weekly flights
Lamezia Terme Flights To SUF  |  Flights From SUF
42 weekly flights
Reggio Calabria Flights To REG  |  Flights From REG
28 weekly flights
Ancona Flights To AOI  |  Flights From AOI
24 weekly flights
Trieste Flights To TRS  |  Flights From TRS
22 weekly flights
Foggia Flights To FOG  |  Flights From FOG
13 weekly flights
Comiso Flights To CIY  |  Flights From CIY
8 weekly flights
Perugia Flights To PEG  |  Flights From PEG
8 weekly flights
Rome Ciampino Flights To CIA  |  Flights From CIA
6 weekly flights
Pantelleria Flights To PNL  |  Flights From PNL
4 weekly flights
Pisa Flights To PSA  |  Flights From PSA
4 weekly flights
Florence Peretola Flights To FLR 3 weekly flights
Turin Flights To TRN  |  Flights From TRN
3 weekly flights
Lampedusa Flights To LMP  |  Flights From LMP
2 weekly flights
Genova Flights From GOA
1 weekly flights
Grosseto Flights From GRS
1 weekly flights
Milan Malpensa Flights From MXP
1 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Linate Airport

Linate Airport Q4 2023 Passenger Traffic Increased by 14%

Linate Airport Q4 2023 Passengers Up 13.94%, Surpassing Q4 2019 Pre-Pandemic Levels

Linate Airport Sees 18% Growth in Passenger Traffic in November 2023, Indicating Revival

Linate Airport has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in passenger numbers. In November 2023, the airport saw a 17.8% increase in passenger volume compared to November 2019.

Linate Airport’s Q3 2023 Passenger Traffic Levels - Up 10%

Linate Airport in Italy Sees a 10.14% Increase in Passenger Traffic in Q3 2023, Compared to the Same Quarter in the Previous Year

Lounges at Linate Airport

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