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There is no train station at Milano Linate Airport, but bus line No. 73 shuttles connect Milano Forlanini train station with the terminal at Linate Airport. There are 7 stops, before the bus arrives at Linate Airport, a short journey of ca. 10 minutes.

Buses from line 73 run at regular intervals throughout the day and evening. Metro train services from Milano Forlanini train station include suburban train lines S5, S6 and S9. From Milano Forlanini train station travelers also have access to Milano Centrale, the main train station of the city that links to all major Italian cities and beyond Italy's borders.

Trenord is the operator of Milan's suburban lines, which run overland as well as underground via the Passante underground railway. S line trains operate every 30 minutes, every day of the year, roughly between 06.00 in the morning and midnight. When they leave the center of Milan, they branch out for some 30 km into several directions, including Novara, Varese, Saronno, Como, Treviglio and Albairate.

Routes between Milano Forlanini Train Station and Linate Airport

The trains of lines S5 and S6 take between 40 and 90 minutes to get to Linate Airport. S5 covers the Varese-Treviglio route, and S6 covers the Novara-Pioltello-Treviglio route. Travelling with S5 from Varese to to Milano Forlanini takes 90 minutes. Travelling from Novara via Line S6 takes 70 minutes to Milano Forlanini train station.

Route 1: S5 Varese – Treviglio via Linate Airport

Trains depart from Varese every 30 minutes between the hours of 06.18 to 22.18 hours. The S5 train stops at Gazzada, Schimanno, Morazzone, Castronno, Albizzate, Cavaria, Gallarate, Busto Arsizio FS, Legnano, Canegrate, Parabiago, Vanzago, Rho, Rho Fiera, Milano Certosa, Milano Villapizzone, Milano Lancetti, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Repubblica, Milano Porta Venezia, Milano Dateo, Milano Porta Vittora, Milano Forlanini. From there trains go to Segrate. The S5 carries on to Pioltello, Vignate, Melzo, Pozzuolo Martesana, Trecella, Cassano d'Adda and Treviglio from there. Trains departing at 22.48 to 00.18 end at Gallarante train station.

Route 1: S5 Milan Forlanini – Treviglio – Varese via Segrate and Milano Forlanini Train Station

S5 line leaves Milan Forlanini train station every 30 minutes from 05.40 to 23.40 hours. Trains starting at 00.10 and 00.40 end their journey at Pioltello-Limito train station.

Cost of Travel:

Tickets cost around 6.10 Euros per person, one-way for a Standard Class ticket bought in advance. Buying a ticket on the day of travel is more expensive, around 6.96 Euros per person.

Route 2: S6 Novara- Pioltello – Treviglio via Segrate and Milano Forlanini Train Station

S6 line trains leave every 30 minutes from 05.18 until 23.18 hours. They stop at Trecate, Magenta, Corbetta S. Stefano Ticino, Vittuone-Arluno, Pregnana Milanese, Rho, Rho Fiera, Milano Certosa, Milano Villapizzone, Milano Lancetti, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Repubblica, Milano Porta Venezia, Milano Dateo, Milano Porta Vittoria, Milano Forlanini, Segrate, Pioltello, Vignate, Melzo, Pozzuolo Martesana, Trecella, Cassano d'Adda and Treviglio.

Route 2: S6 Treviglio – Pioltello – Novara via Segrate and Milano Forlanini Train Station

S6 line trains depart every 30 minutes from Treviglio station from 06.25 to 20.25 hours. The remaining time slots are taken up by S6 line trains departing for Milano Forlanini from Pioltello-Limito train station. The first train leaves at 06.53, then every 30 minutes from 08.23 to 19.53, and from 21.23 to 23.53 hours. Travel time between Treviglio and Milano Forlanini train station is 40 minutes, travelling between Pioltell-Limito train station and Milano Forlanini takes just 10 minutes.

Cost of travel:

Ticket prices for the Milan Forlanini to Novara route start at 5.50 for a Standard Class ticket bought in advance. Last-minute tickets bought on the day of travel cost on average ca 5.58 Euros per person.

Route 3: S9 Line Saronno - Seregno – Milano Forlanini – Albairate

Trains depart every 30 minutes between 05.35 and 09.05, and every hour between 09.05 and 12.05, and again every 30 minutes between 12.05 and 20.35 hours. The only difference is that at 05.20 and 05.56 in the morning trains begin their journey at Milan Garibaldi train station. The run between Saronno and Milano Forlini train station takes 65 minutes.

The train begins at Saronno MXP, then stops at Saronno Sud, Ceriano Laghetto-Solaro, Cesano Maderno, Seveso Baruccana, Seregno, Desio, Lissone-Muggiò, Monza, Sesto S Giovanni, Milano Greco Pirelli, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Lambrate, Milani Forlanini, Milano Porta Romana, Milano Romolo, Milano S Cristoforo, Corsico, Cesano Boscone, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Gaggiano and Albrairate.

Route 3: S9 Line Milano Forlanini Train Station to Saronno

Trains leave Milano Forlanini at regular 30-minute intervals between 06.50 and 09.50, then every hour between 09.50 and 11.50, after which the service switches back to a 30-minute interval service between 11.50 and 19.50 hours, and again between 20.50 and 21.50 hours.

At 09.20, 10.20, 11.20, 21.20, 22.20, 220.50 and 23.20, the S9 line train ends services at Milano Garibaldi station. The 20.40 hour services ends at Seregano train station.

Cost of travel:

Tickets cost ca 2.90 Euro one-way per person for a Standard class ticket booked in advance. Last-minute tickets booked on the day of travel cost around 3.05 Euros.

Where to buy tickets?

Please visit Trenord's website: for further information. Ticket prices are calculated by the number of kilometers traveled. For example, a Standard Ticket price for a zone spanning 0 to 5 km costs 1.40 Euros per person. Children aged 4 – 13 pay just 0.70 Euros. Tickets are valid for one hour and one trip only.

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